Discover the winners of the latest edition of the International Piano Competition.

Julian TREVELYAN (United Kingdom)
✪ 2nd Great Prize - Marguerite Long
✪ Prize of SAS Albert II de Monaco
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Kaoru JITSUKAWA (Japan)
✪ 3rd Great Prize - Ville de Nîmes
✪ Prize of SACEM
✪ Prize of "association des amis du concours"
Joo Hyeon PARK (South Korea)
✪ 4th prize - Henner Group
Madoka FUKAMI (Japan)
✪ 5th prize «Albert Roussel»
✪ Prize Ravel Foundation
Daria KISELEVA (Russia)
✪ 6th prize - Marguerite Long


Discover the winners of the last edition of the International Violin Competition.

Aylen PRITCHIN (Russia)
✪ 1st Great Prize - Casino Group
✪ Sacem Prize
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Naoka AOKI (Japan)
✪ 2nd Great Prize - Louis de Polignac Foundation
✪ Prize of the prince Albert II of Monaco (for the best concerto)
Friederike STARKLOFF (Germany)
✪ 3rd Great Prize - Ville de Bordeaux
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Kyung Ji MIN (South Korea)
✪ 4th Prize - Henner Group
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Hildegarde FESNEAU (France)
✪ 5th prize, prize of the Friends of the contest
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Discover the winners of the last edition of the international singing competition.

Kihwan SIM (South Korea)
✪ 1st Great Prize, prize Régine Crespin
Roman BURDENKO (Russia)
✪ 2nd Great Prize, prize of the Long-Thibaud-Crespin Foundation
✪ Prize of the Orchestre national de France
Ida Falk WINLAND (Sweden)
✪ 3rd Great Prize, prize of the Ville de Nîmes
✪ Prize of the audience, prize of the Banque transatlantique
Marie-Adeline HENRY (France)
✪ 4th prize, prize Henner Group
✪ Prize of the Prince Albert II of Monaco (Prize of the best interpretation of a work in the French language)


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