• Kantorow jr and sr
    2014 April 09

    Kantorow jr and sr

    The violinist Jean-Jacques Kantorow and his son Alexandre, who plays piano, have just published a CD of sonatas by Chevillard, Fauré and Gedalge (1 C...

  • 2014 April 04

    About the Lille Piano(s) Festival

    The next Lille Piano(s) Festival will take place from 13th to 15th June. You will be able to hear, among others, Guillaume Vincent and Michel...

  • 2014 March 17

    Margain and Bellom play Mozart

    Ismaël Margain and Guillaume Bellon had already recorded (for Aparté) a CD devoted to Schubert's four-hand works. Now, they will publish next Ap...

  • 2014 March 03

    Contest 2014 : deadlines

    New registration deadlines for the violin contest 2014 : - Paris, Berlin, London, Moscow, New York : 25 March 2014;- Tokyo, Beijing : 21 April ...

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