• 2015 October 28


    GREAT PRIZES First great prize-Groupe Casino 25 000 €(not awarded) Second great prize-Marguerite Long 12 000 €Julian Trevelyan...

  • 2015 October 28

    Julian Trevelyan, second great prize 2015

    There is no first great prize awarded in 2015. So, Julian Trevelyan, 16 years old (United Kingdom), receveid the second great prize of the Co...

  • 2015 October 27

    Biographies of the five finalists 2015

    Madoka Fukami, 27 (Japan) Madoka Fukami is Piano Master's degree awarded from the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique (CNSM) of Paris....

  • 2015 October 26

    Programme of the final test with orchestra, October 27th

    Programme of the final test with orchestra, Tuesday October 27th :  Ludwig van Beethoven :Concerto for piano and orchestra No 3, op.37Mado...

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